She had syrup on her nose.


Before they got together, Jean was incredibly baffled by Lily.  A little bit of an excerpt from the story I am working on for Jean.  Some of this may change in the future when it comes time for content-editing. 😛

But here’s a little bit of the world from Jean’s point of view:


“Not all at once.” Lily insisted, beginning to drizzle syrup over the top of her stack of pancakes.  “I like blackberries and coffee too.  Doesn’t mean I want to pour coffee over my blackberries.”

“That’s disgusting.” I told her, with a laugh.  “You make no sense, woman.  Why can’t you eat sausage and pancakes together?”

“I can.” said Lily, with a glower in my direction.  “Just not in the same bites.  I don’t like the way that tastes.  Okay?”

She stuck her tongue out at me afterward.  Immediately my cock hardened.  I bit down on a heapful of my eggs to keep from telling her what she could do with that tongue.  Fire raced in my veins and I turned my gaze away from her.  God, it was startling just how fast she had managed to turn me on.  One moment I was baffled by her and the next I wanted to slid over into her side of the booth and sit her in my lap.  Or  I wanted her underneath the booth table, her lips wrapped around my cock.

I forced myself to focus on eating the eggs.  She had shown no sign that she was interested in me that way.  It wouldn’t do me any good to sit here and fantasize about this woman.  I couldn’t have her.  I was almost done with the eggs before Lily made a small noise and drew my attention back to her.

She had syrup on her nose



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