Cats & Dogs Serial Sadness



So, a couple of weeks ago I put up the first scene of a serial story I was going to do — “Cats & Dogs”.  Part of this story was an inside joke with my sister.  We had two cats.  One was a black kitty named Gaius, who was incredibly skittish (but so very sweet).  Shortly after the first scene was posted Gaius ran away.  We’re not sure what scared him (we recently moved to a place that is right next to a railroad track, and think that may have been it).  We’ve seen him on occasion and are still trying to get him to come home (leaving out food, luring him into a humane trap, etc) but so far we have had no luck.

So with part of the inspiration for the story … gone, I won’t be continuing it.  It is a little bit too sad to write scenes (or edit the ones that are already written) about Gaius the failpanther when ours is missing still.

I will be doing something else in the future!  I just haven’t decided what yet.  It needs to be something that I can write on a regular basis and really enjoy.  So I’ve not figured out what, exactly, it will be.

Stay tuned for something else soon!

Yours sincerely,



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