Free Scene: Alleyway Meeting


Here is a scene from Magick Like Music ( from Jean’s PoV! I had a lot of fun rewriting this scene from our hero’s point of view. Here’s a little bit of insight into Jean’s brain. Enjoy this #FreeStory #EroticRomance Scene!

This scene contains explicit content and may not be appropriate for young readers.


“Hungry.” I heard a male voice from behind me somewhere. I paused and turned around, straining and trying to hear exactly where the voice had come from.

“Yeah.” Said a female’s voice. I knew that voice so very well. I couldn’t quite make out what she was saying after that. It was so far away and the storm was intense. The wind whistled and the sound of the rain beating on the ground drown out the source of the voices.

Fuck, Lily was here somewhere. I scanned the street and strained, trying to hear better– trying to locate by sound where exactly they were.

“Give?” Came the strange male voice.

There was an alleyway I had passed not too long ago. I turned and took several long strides toward it. Perhaps that was where they were.

“Nope.” I heard Lily say to the thing. At least I thought I did. The wind picked up at that moment and it started to rain harder. Lightning streaked through the sky above me.


I heard an angry sound, and it was definitely from the alleyway, ahead of me and I picked up my pace. I stepped into the mouth of the alleyway to see Lily’s back. She was rolling her right hand. A knife was in it. Fire was running along the blade. When the rain hit the metal it sizzled and steam rose from it. I swallowed and started to reach for my magick. If she needed back up I would give it to her.

As always watching her fight was a contradiction for me. She was beautiful when she moved and I was awed but I was also terrified for her. I hated to see her hurt. I hated it when she was in pain, but she was damned strong as well. Her fire so very deadly against the creatures.

I heard her make a small thoughtful noise, and drew my gaze from her to the creature. It was staring at her in anger, but its head had mutated. Now it had rows and spikes along its forehead. It could not be good, not at all. I took a step forward but the creature lowered its head and ran at Lily.

My heart started to pound in my chest and I took another step forward as the creature got closer and closer to Lily. She leapt to the side with a grace I had come to envy. The creature ran past her and then turned around. She turned to look after it but she didn’t see me. She was too focused on the thing. Which was good, this thing could crush her skull.

It ran at her once more and again she jumped away. This time it slammed into the brick of a building behind her. Debris fell down when it pulled away from it. Red dust fell into its face. The thing lowered its head again but this time it was Lily who rushed forward like a bull. She slammed her knife into the its chest and then jerked it out.

He tried to bring his head downward and slam it into her, but she ducked underneath the move. Her braids trailing through the air, and the beads at the them of the clattering like wooden chimes. The smell of burning lavender filled the alleyway as smoke began to escape the wound she has given the creature.

Lily and I stared at the creature for a moment. It stopped trying to attack her and instead clawed at its chest. Its fingers digging into the wounds. As if it was trying to get the fire out. The fire Lily’s magick has sunk into its flesh when she stabbed the thing. It let out a snarl of rage and lowered its head once more when it couldn’t stop the burning. It rushed at Lily but she didn’t dodge fast enough this time.

Its head clipped her shoulder and spun her around. Her feet skidded and slid on the wet cement, and slipped a little further apart. She wobbled a moment but didn’t go down. Her body swayed like a tree in the wind. She let out a little bit of a snarl and straightened up.

The creature lowered its head once more and was preparing another charge against her. I felt her pull harder on her magick. I felt the heat in the air. I saw steam rise around her. She threw her knife through the alleyway at the creature with such force it was like a bullet.

It slammed into the creature’s eye and within moments the thing was engulfed in flames. In moments there was nothing but smoke where the man-thing had been a moment before. I took a deep breath and took a step toward her. I could sense that the shoulder wound she had taken was painful.

She whirled around at the sound of my steps, and reached for another knife. She stopped when she saw me. Pain flickered in her expression for a moment, but then it was gone. I didn’t know what to say. I didn’t know if I could say anything. For a moment I just stared at her.

My own pain and anger welled up inside of me. I loved her so damned much. I didn’t understand why she didn’t trust that. I didn’t understand why she couldn’t accept me as I was. I had told her what I was like. I had told her who I was. Still she insisted on questioning my motives. If I didn’t want to be with her I would have left.

“Hi.” She said, sounding unaffected to see me at all. She looked puzzled for a moment and then shrugged her shoulder. Pain flashed through her expression, and she cried out softly. I don’t think she realized she did. She swallowed a moment and said, “Okay, well. Nice seeing you.”

She turned around and was going to walk away from me. I closed my eyes for a moment and then before she took her first step– if she put that foot down she wouldn’t stop. I would lose her. I called out to her, “Lily, wait.”

I was amazed I had managed to find a voice. I was amazed I had it in me to speak coherently.

She turned around to face me, her eyebrows raising faintly. I closed the distance between us and touched her shoulder gently. Her lips parted briefly and she stepped backward out of my reach before my magick could sink into her.

Maybe that was why she didn’t trust my love. After all of this time … Doubt welled up inside of me. Maybe she wasn’t attracted to me after all. Maybe her feelings were just a product of my magick, and that was why she didn’t trust any of it. Maybe none of this was real to her. All at one I was angry and hurt at the same time. Pain like I couldn’t describe settled into the pit of my stomach. This was a cosmic kick to the balls. I was completely in love with a woman and the only thing she felt for me was artificial.

Her expression softened suddenly. A light dawning in her eyes as if she had come to some realization. As if an answer has finally solidified in her brain. She made a small soft sound and she stepped forward. My fingertips touch her shoulder once more. I flexed my magick and let it settle into her wound. I let it spread through her and into the damaged flesh of her shoulder.

Almost immediately she started making soft sounds. Little whimpers of pleasure and pure sex. My cock hardened and I closed my eyes. I battled against the thought of doing anything. I failed. I craved her so very much. I stepped forward and pressed my body against hers. I pushed her up against a wall and kissed her.

I pressed my mouth against hers and gave into the lust, just a little bit. I let my tongue flick out against her lips. I touch her tongue with mine; I rubbed it. I thrust my hips against hers until she moaned into my mouth. I took a deep breath and slipped my hand downward. I opened her jeans and pushed my hand straight down into her panties.

She was wet and waiting for me. I knew that she would be. I slid my fingers inside of her. I filled her with my magick as I did it. I made sure that her shoulder healed while I fucked her with my fingers. Two of them filled her and moved in and out. The wet sound of it was almost enough to drive me insane. I found her clit with my thumb and began to rub it as well. Hard and fast.

My other hand found her breast and the softness filled my palm. I couldn’t help but squeeze it. I couldn’t but pinch her nipple. I pressed my lips just a little harder to hers. I move my hand faster. She started to buck her hips up against me, straining into my hand. I fucked her harder and harder with my fingers until I felt her go tight around them. Until I felt her so close to the edge.

I pressed my mouth against her ear to whisper softly, “That’s it, Lily. Let it go, come for me. Come for me now.”

I needed her to orgasm just as badly as I needed to myself. I needed to know that I could make her come. I needed to know she felt something. I wanted to give her the most exquisite pleasure that I could. She came like lightning. Her cunt clenched around my fingers and then suddenly spasmed. She sagged against me and for a moment I held her up.

We stayed like that for a moment, up against the wall. When she reached for my zipper I gently pulled my hand away from her, and stepped backward. I gave a shake of my head. I saw her lick her lips and I about went blind with lust. I fought it back down, however.

“No, Lily.” I said softly, rubbing my hand over my jeans and continued, “I just wanted to heal you. You don’t have to do anything in return.”

It wasn’t completely the truth. I wanted to do more than just heal her, but she still didn’t need to do anything in return. I wanted her to feel good. I wanted her pleasure. I didn’t want her to feel like she had to have sex with me for me to heal her. If we were ever going to make it back together, I needed her to know she didn’t need to be with me out of obligation.

“Thanks, Jean.” She said with a small nod of her head, while buttoning her jeans. She stared at me for a moment and then said, “I’ll see you around.”

She turned then and walked out of the alleyway. I watched her go. She took something of me with her. I wasn’t certain I would ever get it back.


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