Free Scene – Dinner (Lily/Jean)


Below is a free scene that takes place sometime after Magick Like Music (  This scene contains explicit content, so may not be appropriate for young readers!


The night was surprisingly clear for once. The stars overhead were twinkling pin pricks of light against the velvet black of the sky. I had tiki torches burning in our backyard. The backyard of our new place. No more apartment for us. No, this place was ours. Jean and I picked it out together. Jean was currently grilling dinner for us. I was dancing idly to the soft R&B that was playing on my stereo.

The smell of dinner, the flickering flame of the tiki torches, and the music was enough to take me away. It put me in a good place. I wasn’t worried about a thing. There were no cares here. There were no worries here at all. I twirled in a circle, letting the hem of my skirt twirl and sway around me. A light breeze tugged at my hair. I had finally taken the braids out. Now the curls I was born with were dancing around my face with me.

I felt Jean at my back before I felt his hand on my side. He drew me against him and pressed his face into the crook of my neck. I gave a soft sigh and wiggled back against him. I sang softly to the song that was playing. It was about finding your partner beautiful. A song about your partner making you feel incredible.

Jean’s fingertips ran over my hips and up along my waist. They skimmed over my ribcage and then stroked right back down. I shivered and my stomach filled with butterflies. A bolt of heat shot from my gut to places lower. I took in a deep breath and turned around. I went to lean up and place a kiss on his lips, but he pulled away from me.

“Gotta check the food.” He told me with a sly grin before stepping away from me.

I laughed and shook my head at him. I was feeling too good to be mad at him for teasing me in this manner. No, I was in too great a place. Instead I brought my palm to my mouth and pressed my lips to it. I blew the kiss to him. He laughed at me and shook his head, turning back to the food.

I sauntered in his direction and leaned into his back while he was cooking. I wrapped my arms around his waist, though I was careful not to restrict his music. I pressed little kisses to his shoulder blades and down his spine. His chest rose and fell and he turned to look back at me.

“I love you, Lily.” He told me, reaching out to trace a fingertip down my cheek.

My chest felt too full of my love. My heart felt like it was overflowing. I leaned up and pressed a kiss to the corner of his mouth. I whispered softly to him, “I love you, too, Jean. So very much.”

He returned the kiss and then gentlely pulled away so he could finish the food. I took a deep breath and caught the scent of it again. Savory and delicious, with just a little hint of spice to it. I smiled in the direction of Jean and then turned back to the stereo. I hit back twice until I got the song I wanted to play again.

I raised my hands to the sky and let the music move through me. My hips rolling sensually but with a relaxed laziness. My steps soft but filled with elation. My voice lifted to sing along in joy, “Oh, it’s beautiful. You make me feel incredible.”

I lost myself to the song. I lost myself to the music. Before I knew it Jean was at my back once more. I spun in a circle and came up against his body. His arms wrapped around me and pulled me in close to him. I went up onto my tiptoes and pressed a kiss to his mouth again. His lips were warm underneath mine. They took control of the kiss, deepening it. His tongue licked along the seam of my lips until I opened them. It darted into my mouth and rubbed against my tongue.

His fingertips bunched in the fabric of my skirt, slowly pulling it upward. My fingers curled in his skirt and tugged at it, so I could slip the other hand underneath. He walked me backward until I hit the fence around our backyard.

He pulled away from the kiss to look down into my eyes. “I’m hungry for something other than dinner, Lily.”

My mouth went dry. Heat exploded in the pit of my stomach and traveled downward. Like a strike of pure lust to my cunt. I stared up into his brown eyes, licking my lower lip. “Yeah?” I asked, and knew that I was breathless, “What are you hungry for, baby?”

He grinned at me and slowly sank down in front of me. He grabbed my skirt by the fistful and pushed it upward. He transferred the fabric into my hands and grabbed a hold of my panties. The white material was pulled down and I stepped out it. One of his hands ran up the inside of my leg, gently nudging them further apart so he could look closer at my cunt.

He leaned in and whispered against me, “This. I’m hungry for this pretty pussy.”

His tongue flicked out and licked along the seam then. My knees started to go weak and I leaned back against the fence. I was immediately grateful we got a place with really high fences. One of his hands ran along the back of my leg and he tugged it over his shoulder. I hooked it there and let my skirt fall so I could my put hands onto his head.

He made a small growling noise against my sex and started licking me harder. His tongue slipped past my folds and traced from the entrance of my cunt to my clit. He licked back and forth there, before pressing harder and beginning to suck on it. I cried out softly and raised one my hands up to my mouth, biting down onto my palm to quiet my little moans.

His fingers joined his mouth. He ran them around the entrance to my pussy before lowly pushing them inside of it. I whimpered as I felt my body clench down on the invading digits. He began to move them in and out while sucking on my clit. There was no teasing, no mercy. His hand moved hard and fast, while he licked and sucked on my clit.

The orgasm coiled in me tighter and tighter. It felt as if I was beginning to compress in on myself. My body folding in to one focus point. The pleasure curling tighter and tighter inside of me. I was all but sobbing into my hand now. His mouth and fingers changed places abruptly. His tongue thrusting inside of my pussy, while his fingers stroked my clit.

The rhythm was so fast, and so very perfect. I pressed both of my hands to my mouth as I came. Crying out into them, and trying to muffle the sound. My legs buckled and he caught me. Gently he laid me down. He leaned over me and kissed me on the lips, brushing my hair back from my face.

I laughed and reached out to him, stroking my hands over his shoulder. He caught both of them and kissed each palm before looking into my face with a smile.

“You’re so beautiful.” He said, before kissing me again. “Time for dinner.”


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