eBook Review: A Crossroads Affair by JJ Laurent


Genre: Paranormal Erotica

Overall: 2-stars

About: Ellen Hobbs has had a recent run of bad luck.  Her husband left her.  She took a pay cut at her job.  She just wants a comfortable life now.  She’s willing to seek out a demon and sell her soul to make it happen.  Only the demon doesn’t want just her soul but her body as well.

Review: This is more of a scene than anything else. The premise is interesting, and I was drawn by the idea of an interracial story that wasn’t BWWM. If you just want a quick free erotic scene the writing here is good. The sex isn’t awful (though one or two lines were a little weird), and not particularly kinky. If you’re looking for a full story to get drawn into to go with your erotica, this is probably not it.

However, I did also find the demon being described as “more like a statue than a human” because of how dark his skin was a little wince worthy. The negative connotations of the black male being a demon was slightly uncomfortable for me. The description of his skin aside, however, with the shortness of this story his ethnicity doesn’t really come up.

Why you should read/get it: If you just want a quick erotic scene, or are really into demon sex.  It is fine for  free kindle download, but if you’re going for the full $2.99 price you might be disappointed because of the briefness.



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