Resplendent: Sci-Fi Erotica Serial


ResplendantHello!  Happy Tuesday!  Below is the beginning of a serial story I’ll be working on.  It will update roughly once or twice a week.  At the very least it will get one post a week on Tuesdays.  It may also get an update on Thursdays, depending on how much writing I do in a week or if I have something else to talk about.

This story is about Li’nya, an alien with special abilities but who needs sex to live.  Only she’s in a bit of a bind at the moment…

Further reading may be unsuitable for young readers.  It should be considered 18+ material.  Thank you!

     I was awake long before the soft patter of the artificial rainstorm started. I was lying on my bed in the darkness of my quarters. The gentle rattle and splatsplat of my rain alarm clock told me that I had exactly fifteen minutes before the lights came on. I closed my eyes and rolled onto my side. I wasn’t seeking more sleep, not exactly. I was seeking a sort of oblivion. There was a low burn in the pit of my stomach. A heat pooled between my thighs. It had been too long since I had last fed my sexual needs.

I was a Helfian. I needed sex as many other species in the universe needed food and water. No, that wasn’t completely accurate. Helfian could subsist on normal food and water, and in fact needed it, but we also needed sex. Our bodies absorbed a certain type of energy that then allowed us extra abilities. Some of us had telepathy. Some had psychokinesis. Others had more esoteric abilities. I was one of the latter. I had the ability to relieve pain and heal small wounds.

Many Helfians went into professions that allowed them to utilize and harness their abilities. A telepath might go into peacekeeper and police work on our home planet. A psychokinetic might go into engineering and join one of the many starfaring outfits. Normally someone with my abilities might go into medical either with a starfaring service corp or on our home world. I, on the other hand, wanted nothing to do with medical. The sight of blood made me squeamish. I never knew what to say to someone in pain. I’m sorry never seemed to cut it. It was awkward and uncomfortable for me.

Instead of medical I want into science. I joined the Scientific branch of the Galaxy Brigade. I studied plant life on aliens worlds. I got to see amazing new planets. Amazing new species of fauna. So many wonders and bright worlds. It was a chance of a life time. Unfortunately it came with the downfall of being on a ship with a small crew. All of them fellow officers, no civilians or non-Brigade personnel. It was against regulation to have intimate contact with fellow officers. It would get me court martialed faster than I could blink an eye.

I wouldn’t be doing it. No matter how much a certain captain I served with had been offering.

The lights turned on, bright and painful to my eyes, and I knew it was time to get up. I couldn’t wallow in bed anymore. My hunger pains would have to be ignored for another day. I pushed myself up off of my bed and made my way to the shower. It was a quick and simple thing. Filtrated and recycled water was turned on. I used an unscented soap. Some members of the crew had the luxury of perfumed products. I didn’t bother with such frivolities. I needed to be clean, not smell like fruit or Dolirian sugar.

Once clean I dressed in my uniform. A pair of lightweight pants, a matching tank top, and over the top of that a vest with my rank and branch insignia on it. My rank was signified with three sharp dashes. I was a Third Level Science Tech. My branch was signified with a round flat disk with a staff embossed on it. I ran my fingertips over the rank markings for a moment, before taking a deep breath. I needed to prepare myself for the duty shift ahead. It would be a long one.

The doors to my quarters opened automatically as I approached. I stepped out into the brightly lit corridor and walked down its white length. The air was slightly stale as usual. Recycled and reused. Filtered and then rerouted back into the rooms for us to breathe. The taste of it on my tongue was an irritant as usual. Or perhaps that was just because I was going into the Helfian ha’yf fever. It is a time of hunger when one had gone so long without sexual contact that the body heightened its own senses, a defense mechanism. To help us find a partner to satiate the hunger and revitalize ourselves.

I turned a corner and glanced upward as I did. It was a mistake. The white lights running along the top of the corridor flashed even brighter for a moment. The flare of it burned my eyes. I stumbled as my vision filled with white spots. I thrust my hand outward trying to find the wall. Instead it came up against something warm, solid, and so very alive.

I took a deep breath and smelt male. A hint of sweat, the musky scent of skin, and definitely male. I felt myself sway toward the man I couldn’t see. I knew him, of course, he could only be one of five different men on the ship. His body felt too much like mine to be two of those men. So that left three. Two humans, and a Krr’ah. I leaned up against the hard body and felt sexual energy. I felt heat and warmth. It only sharpened my hunger. It made me throb between my legs.

I felt hands on my hips, my feet scraping against the ground, the world turning about me. I was dizzy. I was filled with vertigo. Suddenly my back was up against something cool and solid. I let out a little whimper and arched my back upward. I couldn’t help it. The heat was crawling through my veins. My blood felt like it was boiling. The heat between my legs was almost unbearable. The throb driving me mad.

I tried to blink, I tried to clear my vision, but the light was still blinding. I could only make out the hazy form of a male in front of me. Just the outline of him. The rest of him was haloed in bright light. I felt his body press harder against mine. I felt his hips align with mine and I wiggled against him. A moment later his mouth descended upon mine and he kissed me.

It was like drinking cold water on the hottest of days. It was like finding an ice pool in the middle of a Sartaron waste land. His lips were cool. His tongue tasted like mi’t. I felt the heat in my blood slowly begin to lessen. I felt my body come a little more under control. I licked his tongue with mine, I sucked on it. And in doing so I pulled some of his energy into my own begin. I used it calm myself. I used it to revitalize myself. Slowly the hyperactivity of my senses calmed down and I ripped my mouth away from him.

Oh moons! What had I done? I could be court martialed for this!

“It’s alright, Li’nya.” The man whispered and I closed my eyes even tighter. Oh no. “No one saw, and no one will know.”

He pulled away from me and I kept my eyes closed. My heart was racing. I licked my lips and tasted him there. So cool and refreshing like a glass of mi’t milk. I gave a shake of my head and pushed away from the wall. I heard his footsteps them, walking away from me. I let out a soft sigh and rubbed my palms against my arms, trying to chase away a sudden chill.

I opened my eyes and watched the tall, solid form of Captain Helleen walk away from me.


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