Book Review: The Mine – John A. Heldt


Genre: Time-travel Romance

Overall: 4-stars

About: Joel Smith is a modern day man, and after a series of poor decisions he ends up stuck in the 1940s.  During his time in the 1940s he takes a trip from Montana to Seattle, and gets tangled up in the lives of a group of college age men and women.  One of them happens to be his grandmother.  Another is a woman he falls quickly in love with.  Can he get home to the present?  Should he?

Review: The Mine reads very much like one part contemporary romance, one part time travel, and one part history lesson.  The facts about history gracefully added to the story give it an incredibly interesting and informative read.  John Heldt gives up a little bit of information at a time about Joel, so it unfolds in a natural sort of way in the story.  The writing is extremely good, and funny.  I found myself laughing out loud at several parts in the book.  There were a few things about the book, however, that did bug me.  There times in the book where he seemed to go out of his way to reference “fat” or “thin” women.  Or use words like “cow” to describe a woman.  These moments stood out glaringly to me because the very beginning of the book starts out with an extremely respectful Joel interacting with a waitress.  I may just be a little sensitive to negative descriptions of women being a budding feminist, but these moments really bothered me.

However, the rest of the book was funny and intriguing enough that I overlooked them to finish it.  I really, really appreciated the ending of the book.

Overall I would be quite comfortable recommending this book to other people.

Why you should buy it: You like contemporary romance but want to branch out slightly.  You really like time-travel scenarios.  You have an interest in history.  Or you really like the 1940s.


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