Resplendent, part three


ResplendantHi! I am sorry this is so late today.  I got busy before work and couldn’t get it edited until I got home. So it is posted now!  There is some horror to today’s posting! 😉   And no, there won’t be any tentacle porn.

Approximately an hour later I was down on the surface of The Green Planet. I was dressed in my survival uniform. A skin tight suit with an oxygen mask attached via tubes. Inside of the mask was a small microphone to allow communicating with the other members of the team. Imele had sent down a team of four.

In charge of the mission was Third Guard Hale. At the mid-rank of security he was just now beginning to lead missions. A little green under the belt, but he had that human confidence and cockiness. He was tall and lithe. He moved with a fluid grace that reminded me of sleek tal’ya hunting down herd animals.

Currently he was leading the exploration ahead of me, occasionally looking to a read out on his arm display. Very likely he was checking our location versus the coordinates of the invisible spot on sensors. He came to a stop and checked his display again, before looking toward me.

“Tech Durah.” He said mildly, motioning me forward. I glanced down to his arm and then up at him. The reading said that we were right on top of the location. He turned to look around, “You see anything here?”

I turned around in a circle. The area we were in was like a jungle. Lush green everywhere. My sensor readings told me that it was hot and humid, but my suit insulated me from it and kept me cool. I turned my attention to the trees. They were tall and full of large, green leaves. They curled slightly, and were covered in little droplets of water.

There was no fauna. I saw no insects or animals of any kind in the trees, or in the dark damp soil below our feet. I frowned and, looking back toward the Guard, I said, “No. All that is here are trees, sir. No fauna.”

“Spread out.” Hale said with a small nod of his head. “Lets see if we can find something that explains the blank spot.”

We did as ordered and began to investigate the area. Hale was not too far from my left. While another science tech was to my right. Somewhere behind me was a medical officer. I let them be only a small part of my awareness and set myself to the task of searching. I pushed past dense trees and came across a small pool of water.

It was crystal clear and sparkling underneath the bright yellow sun in the sky. I raised my arm and pointed my sensors toward it. The display flashed blue and then went blank. All of the electronic lights on it going dead. It was now just a black square on my arm.

“Sir!” I called, moving to take a step backward, “I think I found somet-“


The ground beneath my feet creaked, as if I were standing on a loose primitive floor. Like the old wooden floors in ‘old style’ homes that were popular on earth. I went absolutely still but it was too late. I let out a shriek as the ground gave way underneath me and I fell down into the darkness below.

After a stomach turning moment of weightlessness I crashed down onto something hard and solid. I felt something crack in my arm, and pain flashed behind my eyes like white lightning. I saw stars for a moment. I think I might have screamed out in pain.

I heard a crackle and a buzz in my ears. Through the buzz it sounded like Hale was trying to talk to me, but I couldn’t quite make out what he was saying.

Eggs and pickles? My potato hurts? What? Was he talking gibberish? Through the static it sounded like Hale was stringing together random words. I slowly opened my eyes and let my vision adjust to the dimness. A small shaft of yellow sunlight filtered in through a Li’nya sized hole in the wooden ceiling above me.

All around me were bushes. The walls of this chamber were covered in a type of plant that climbs up surfaces, growing wherever it can. Creeping as if it had a mind of its own. The tendrils of the plant sprawled across the floor as well. It was dotted with beautiful purple and green flowers. They seemed to glow ever so slightly.

The buzz increased in my ears, but I distinctly heard the sound of Hale’s voice, “My small canine has a loopity froop paste face nobbin.”

What the stars was Hale saying? What was wrong with him. I pressed my fingertips against my mask and said slowly into it, “Sir? Are you alright? You aren’t making any sense.”

Static greeted me in response. I shook my head and pushed myself upward with my good arm. Pain was shooting in waves up my other arm, and I cradled it against myself. I had best not use it if I didn’t want to make it any worse. Having the use of only one arm was going to make getting out of here difficult, but it would be alright.

“Sir?” I tried again, pressing my fingertips against my mask. “Can you hear me? Can anyone here me?”

Static crackled over the line once more before I heard Hale’s voice again, “My root vegetable wishes I weren’t so cuckoo. You can give me currency and I’ll go farm a big sea dwelling fauna.”

Perhaps the translators were malfunctioning. I frowned and lifted my hand to my mask once more. I pressed against it, as if I could make it work better by applying pressure. I tried again, this time speaking in the common language rather than relying on my translator, “Sir? Can you hear me?”

I took a tentative step forward, looking around the chamber I was in to try and find a way up, or a door our of this room. The crackling static I was getting quite familiar with came into my ears once more. This time it wasn’t Hale’s voice that I heard but my own.

My voice said to me, “What if the atmospheric moisture god says nani nani nahbooha and does a musculature dippy movement?”

I went absolutely still and looked around the room once more. I felt my heart begin to race as my own voice went silent again. I looked at the glowing flowers and the creeping vines. I look upward and then back toward the walls around me. I could just barely make out what looked like the outlines of a door buried underneath a thick bush of the flowers.

I swallowed and spoke quietly, “Hello? Is someone there?”

Once more my voice came back to me, “Hello? Is unknown dancing frobs there?”

I felt a cold wave run down my spine. Was someone playing with me? Or were they trying to communicate but didn’t know how? Did their words just sound like ours? Or were my translators trying to translate their words and giving me only gibberish?

I took a step toward the door I saw in the corner and felt something brush against my leg through my suit. Alarmed I looked downward. I found that I had gotten my leg tangled in one of the vines. I reached down and pushed it away, while pulling my leg free.

Once untangled I stood back up and came face to face with a snarl of vines and flowers that had not been there a moment before. On the ground I sensed, more than saw, more vines toward me. Tendrils of them reaching out to curl around my legs and feet.

My terrified screams echoed off of the walls toward me. The green and purple flowers started to glow even brighter. I only screamed louder. Until the echoing sound was a cacophony that hurt my ears. But the pain was a distant thing compared to my terror.

I was going to be killed by a malicious plant. The world around me went dark.


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