Book Review: Predator & Prey


Genre: Paranormal Romance

Overall: 5-stars

About: Lily runs a late night talk show where she talks with the lonely and the lost.  She knows what is really out there in the city.  Unfortunately she’s caught the attention of those things.  Her life is about to change.

Review: I really enjoyed this book.  I was a little hesitant about it, because I’d begun to worry that I just don’t enjoy romance books written by men.  Mr. Horton has helped show me this is not the case.  He even managed it with the main character being female and the book in first person.

I was a little bit hesitant when there is a rape-attempt in the very beginning.  I typically find these scenes not very well written.  However, I found it not wince worthy (aside from how much so the subject matter normally is) and well written.   I really appreciated how real Lily seemed to be, and how strong she was.  I felt that the way she reacted to things would probably be the way I might respond to things.

This is a really quick read, but I like the world that Mr. Horton has set up.  I love the character he has set up in Lily.  I’m curious about Wolf and would like to get into his head.  Overall, I would recommend this book to PNR lovers.

I know I’ll be looking forward to what comes next after this book.

Why you should read/get it: You like vampires.  You like books with a strong female lead.  You like male protagonists that are the strong silent type.  You love PNR books.



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