A sneak peak at Magick Like Rain


Interested in the sequel to Magick Like Music?  Here’s a little snippet of what life is like for Ella, the main character of Magick Like Rain!  I hope you enjoy the little peak into Ella’s head. 😉  There is definitely more to this scene, but you’ll need to buy the book when it comes out to see it!





“Why?” I asked of the white board.  

“Because Erinsen called out.  Apparently she’s puking her guts up and can’t come in.” said the other nurse.

I startled when she answered for the white board.  I turned away from the traitorous thing and back to my coworker.  I ran my fingertips over the material of my grey scrubs.  An unpleasant sensation settled into my stomach.  Like a rockslide inside of me.  A heavy weight formed in the pit of my belly and tried to drag me downward.   I locked my knees to keep them from sagging.  To keep myself from hitting the floor.

My coworker looked at me with her eyebrows drawn together, and her lips tilted slightly downward.  She said my name and I just smiled at her.   My body moved and worked for me, while in my head I was slowly counting down.  I needed to calm myself down before a code was called.   I didn’t do well with unexpected changes to my routines.

One hundred, ninety-nine, ninety-eight, ninety-seven, ninety-six.

I made my way out of the break room and onto the floor.  I made my way to the nurse’s station.  The charge nurse was sitting behind a computer screen.  She was going over information.  She occasionally looked toward a chart and then back to the computer.

Ninety-five, ninety-four, ninety-three, ninety-two, ninety-one, ninety.

“Hello, Ella.” she said, looking up from what she was doing.  “How are you today?  How was your weekend?”

Eighty-nine, eighty-eight, eighty-seven, eighty-six, eighty-five, eighty-four.

“What?” I asked, barely registering that she was speaking to me.  I gave a small shake of my head, trying to clear it just a little.  “Oh, I am well, thank you.  My weekend was good.  How was yours?”

Eighty-three, eighty-two, eighty-one, eighty, seventy-nine, seventy-eight, seventy-seven, seventy-si-

“Oh, my weekend was really exciting!” She said, and I realized she was still speaking to me.  What was she saying?  Seventy-five, seventy-four, seventy-three.

“Yeah?” I managed lamely, turning my gaze toward her, but I wasn’t really seeing her.  I was building a wall of numbers around my brain.  As if I could shield myself from my incoming panic.

Seventy-two, seventy-one, seventy, sixty-nine, sixty-eight.

“Well, it was my husband and I’s twentieth aniversary.” She said, smiling brightly at me.  “It was really amazing!  He surprised me as soon as I walked in the door from work and–“

Twentieth?  Twenty?  No!  Sixty-eight, sixty-seven, sixty-six, sixty-five, sixty-four.


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