Family Quotes: Cutthroat Kitchen & The Military


My brother-in-law tend to watch TV together.  We’re both nightowls and tend to spend a lot of time in the livingroom.  We also tend to occasionally talk together while watching.  So this tonight we’re watching Cutthroat Kitchen, and here are some snippets of our conversation.

“I see those muffins with dehydrated blueberries in them.  They look like the things I ate day after day in the dining hall in Afghanistan.” Says the woman on the screen about the current sabotage.

So I look over at my brother-in-law.  He looks back at me for a moment.  I raise my eyebrows at him.

“Oh yeah, we had muffins.  Muffins for days.” he says.  I look away, then look back and he asks, “Are you going to look at me for confirmation any time someone says something about the military?”

“Probably, yes.” I reply, with a shrug and a smile, and go back to Cutthroat Kitchen.


The same woman before before is talking about how she forgot eggs, so she is using sour cream at the tenderizer.

“Oh, yeah, being a military cook she knows all about improvising food.” says my brother in law.  A pause is given and he says, “Actually what is knows is how to cook things in plastic bags in really hot water.”

I look up at him and raise an eyebrow at him.

“Most of our food came frozen in plastic bags.  So you would put it in boiling water and wait for it to thaw out.” He pauses and says, “And then it would be cooked.  And usually the food was actually pretty good.”


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