Resplendent, Part Five


ResplendantHere is this week’s Resplendent!  I hope you enjoy it.  This scene involves explicit sexual content and is not suitable for young readers!

Down the corridor I went, until finally I reached the door at the end of it. I laid my palm against it, and the flat surface yielded to the gentle pressure. Inside was dark, and damp, but I could hear the distinct sound of someone groaning as if in pain. I stopped immediately and gazed into the darkness. I could see nothing but the void ahead of me, no light penetrated from the corridor. I took a deep breath and stepped inside. The scent of dust, old rot, and fungus greeted me in the darkness.

After three blind steps into the chamber the lights turned on above me. I was in another long corridor. This one was lined with cells of some sort. Long metal bars in front of empty little alcoves. It was some sort of primitive prison. Just enough space in each cage to stand up and move around. They were claustrophobic, devoid of any color other than a dull beige, and made me apprehensive just looking at them. They had small mats on the ground that looked like they were falling apart with age. I continued down the corridor.

I passed by cell after cell. Some of them had piles of dust and the tatters of clothing. Others had what appeared to be skeletal remains. I kept going until I came to the second to last on my right side. Sitting inside of it was a figure. The creature was not dead. It was groaning in pain.

Doubled over but so very big was what appeared to be a male of a species I did not recognize. With skin the color of rich human coffee that was flecked with specs of gold the man was very appealing to me. He seemed completely devoid of any hair, instead the top of his scalp held strange golden swirls and jagged lines. I longed to run my tongue along those lines. Against those golden spots. My heartbeat started to pound. Heat flooded through my blood stream. Instantly I knew that this creature could give me the sustenance my Helfian body needed. I bit my lower lip and stepped up to the cell.

The man, I thought at least he was a man, groaned once more in pain. His hands were clutching his stomach. His entire body was shaking, and he looked up at me. His vividly gold eyes seemed not to see me. His teeth bared at me and he lunged toward the bars. I stumbled backward and away from him. I held up my knife and snarled in return.

He stared at me for several long moments and then began to speak. It was rapid and it took me a moment to realize that I could actually understand him. He was demanding, “Who are you? Where do you come from? What is your species?”

I arched my eyebrows at him and then frowned. Slowly I lowered my knife and began to answer his questions, “I am Third Tech Li’nya Durah. I am Helfian and I come from Helfiax. Who are you? What is your species? Where do you come from?”

The man looked confused for a moment. Golden eyebrows drawing downward and his lips twisting into a grimace. He let out a pained sound and curled over his stomach even more. I winced and stepped forward. My hands hovering in the air. If I touched him I could help him with whatever pain he was in. I didn’t know if he wanted the help however. I also didn’t know what to say to him. I didn’t know what to do. Taking away someone’s pain was personal. It was awkward. It involved a great deal of touching.

“Helfians? You’re barely capable of starfaring. How did you get off of your planet?” He asked and then cried out louder. He fell against the bars, barely holding himself up. A shake of his head was given and he said, “Nevermind, just get me out of here. The controls are over there.”

His hand extended through the bars and pointed toward a small rectangle next to the door at the end of the corridor. I frowned at it and then toward him. His hand wavered and fell down. He let it hang through the bars. He didn’t look like he was in any shape to hurt me. I frowned a little more and gave a small shake of my head.

Temporary insanity, I would call it later. I was sure. I made my way over to the box and touched it. It swung open on a hinge and inside I saw a simple switch. I looked toward him and then flipped it upward. All of the cells opened. I frowned and glanced toward him before saying out loud, “That seems a little bit low tech for a place with lights I can’t find the source of.”

He laughed, only to gurgle a moment later in pain. He pushed himself out of his cell to collapse at his knees on the ground. He muttered faintly, “Yeah, the T’lyxna liked to mix their tech; high and low. They were all about aesthetics.”

I took several tentative steps toward him. He was shaking on the ground, curled up on his side now. He was laughing softly to himself as if something was immensely funny about this situation. I thought I heard him muttering about getting free only to die finally. I wondered how long he had been in the cell. It seemed like this place had been abandoned for a long, long time.

I knelt down next to him before placing my knife on the ground, I positioned it on the otherside of my body from him. I reached out, my hands hovering over his body. I took a deep breath and said softly, “I can… I can take your pain if you want. It will involve me touching you. A lot.

I bit my lower lip and waited for his answer. He looked up at me with his golden eyes and blinked for a moment or two. A small roll of his shoulders was given before he cried out in pain. A hoarse scream of pure agony. I decided to take matters into my own hands. Literally. He had not told me no, so I started to take his pain.

I placed my hands onto his head and concentrated. It was sort of like seduction. It was sort of like just trying to turn someone on. I was transmuting his pain to pleasure. I stroked my palms down the side of his face, and over his neck and to his shoulders. The material of his shirt was rough and scratchy. It interfered with my ability to touch him.

He groaned a moment and shifted a little bit closer to me. He rolled onto his knees and used one hand to help pull himself closer to me. His big body pressing up against mine. I swallowed as heat flared through my veins once more. I grabbed his shirt and pulled it upward and slipped my hands underneath it. His skin was feverish and so very soft. He was all muscle underneath it, however.

He felt incredibly solid and strong. If he wasn’t obviously in so much pain he would have been a serious threat to me. If I was smart I should have left him as he was. If I was smart I wouldn’t be so close, so defenseless. I wasn’t being smart. I was being horny. I was being selfish. In doing this I could feed off of his energy. I could help fight away the ha’yf fever. It was reckless, but it was a chance I was going to take.

His muscles bunched and flexed underneath my touch. His body got impossibly warmer. I could feel sweat beginning to collect on my skin. He groaned faintly as my hands climbed up his abdomen to his chest. I found nipples there and rubbed my fingers over them. He jerked faintly and I stroked my hands downward. He lowered his head and pressed his mouth to the side of my neck.

He was still tense, he was still in pain, but it was beginning to recede. In its place was hunger and lust. I turned my head and pressed my mouth to the side of his face. He moved his mouth to find mine in return. He tasted earthy and sweet at the same time. I flicked my tongue out and licked it against his. He rolled his body just a little more against mine, and I almost lost my balance.

With my hands I pushed him back a little, kept us both sitting upward. Or mostly so. He groaned out in frustration and raised a hand to rub it over my side, and then up to my chest. His fingers against my breasts through the material of my suit. He tugged at it but couldn’t figure out how to get it open. Which was good, I wasn’t planning on actually fucking him.

I would just make him feel really good and take a little of his sexual energy at the same time. I slid my hands downward and found his groin. Even through the haze of lust I wondered what would be there. I wondered if his species were like mine. Or if he was different. If so just how different? If I wasn’t so hot already I might have been interested in cataloguing any differences I found. His sex was like a male Helfian’s. Or a human’s. Or many other species. He was slightly longer and thicker, however. At least of the average. I felt a small twinge of apprehension. If I were to take him into my body it might be uncomfortable. It was a good thing that wasn’t in my plan. I pushed my hand inside of his pants.

He let out a startled sound and then rocked his hips into my hand. I thought I heard him mutter something but I didn’t catch it. His cock was hard but the skin velvety soft underneath my hand. I fisted it and turned my mouth back to his. I kissed him hard and demandingly as I began to stroke him. It was a hard and fast pace. The last of his pain fading as the orgasm began to build inside of him.

He began to leak precum in little spurts as I stroked him. His teeth nipped at my lower lip. He pulled away to murmur something to me but I didn’t actually understand it, didn’t actually hear it beyond the tone and timbre of his voice. I just kept stroking him until he suddenly seized up. He let out a coarse call and I felt him come. My fingertips were covered with it. I carefully pulled my hand away and wiped it clean on his clothing.

He looked at me with dazed eyes. I gently pushed him away from me as well. I glanced around us and frowned a moment. I gave him time to collect himself. I stood up and moved toward the door that the controls were by. I heard him moving behind me.

“I wish I had some other clothing.” He said, mildly. “These appear to be soiled.”

I was about to respond when I heard voices in the distance. It sounded like my team, but after the mimicry of the plant earlier I couldn’t be sure. I reached down and snatched up my knife once more. I turned toward the door I had come in through and raised my weapon up.

“Be ready, I heard someone coming.” I said, but didn’t explain anything.


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