Book Review: Predator & Prey: Beast


Genre: Paranormal Romance

Overall: 5-stars

About: The continuing story of Lily and Wolf.  Lily gets dragged further into the world of the monsters.  Of the others.  Life gets very difficult for her when she is expected to play the vampire games of court.

Review: I really like James Horton’s writing.  I really like Lily.  Every time I read her, I can see myself inside of her.  She’s a wonderful contrast of brashness and insecurity (without making it be like ‘oh my god, why is this character so insecure about herself’).  She demands to know of Wolf several times “Why aren’t I good enough?”, when she can’t understand why he won’t do something.  As if the onus were on her rather than him.  Each time it struck a cord with me.  It’s something I felt in the past.

I also really like Wolf.  He isn’t a good person.  He isn’t necessarily a bad person, either.  He’s just what he is.  I see in him a lot of what I see in men I’ve known.  Granted, he’s a vampire and has super powers.

I loved the female vampire he introduced in this book.  I was really please with the way this book turned out.  It isn’t the ‘happy feel good’ ending one might wish for in a romance, but it is so very very fitting.  Mr. Horton remains very true to his characters, and the storytelling is very smooth.

I enjoyed the combat scenes in the book.  I also enjoyed the court scene.  It was a lot of fun to read and “watch” in my mind’s eye.  I love the glimpse into vampire society we get.

I also really want to know what is going to happen next.  I’m very curious about Lily’s powers.  I want to see how they develop and what she can do with them now that she’s …

You’ll need to read the book to find out how that sentence was going to end!


Why you should read/get it: You like vampire stories.  You like drama.  You like strong female leads.



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