Do’s and Don’ts Of Requesting A Review


At the very least the Do’s and Don’ts of requesting a review with me.  This a simple but not exhaustive list of things that will help you get a review with me, or are a surefire ways to make sure I won’t review your book!  Think of this as a guide to getting a review here.  I think it might be helpful to other review sites but I can really only speak for myself.

The Do’s

  • Put an informative subject when emailing me.  Example: ’20K Word Erotica – The Apple of Eden – John Luddermanfish’  (This is somewhat long but helpful in that it tells me it is a short story I can read very quickly and so am more likely to check that email.  I often times do not open an email until I have the time to take on another book, that way I don’t lose requests.)
  • Be descriptive in your email.  Please tell me as much information as you can.  The more you tell me the better I am able to judge if your book is a good fit for me.  I don’t like to give bad reviews.  I also don’t like to say I’ll review the book and then have to email an author and tell them I won’t post a review.  I’ve had to do that a couple of times and I didn’t enjoy it at all.  It makes me feel bad.  Makes me feel like I’ve gotten someone’s hopes up and then dashed them.
  • Tell me the word or page count! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!  Please tell me how long your book is!  Please!  This helps me know if it will be a quick read or a short read.
  • Be confident but not presumptuous.  Sell me on your book!  I might not read it, but you should be confident in it!  Writing a book is an amazing thing.  It is hard work and I well know it!  It takes a lot of discipline and practice to write a novel, edit it, and get it published.  You should be proud of that.  I might not review it, but you should be proud enough to make me want to.
  • Be polite.  To be blunt, I’m not going to review your book if you’re rude to me.

The Don’ts

  • Don’t send multiple emails.  It won’t help and it will likely make me not review your book.  I often times won’t open an email, and thus not respond to it, until I know if I have time to take on another book.   Sending me a follow up email isn’t going to make me have more time to read your book, and is just going to make me think you’re impatient.  Especially if it has only been a week or two.
  • Don’t give up hope!  Because I don’t open emails until I have the time to take on a new book, the requests never go away.  I usually have a big backlog, but eventually I’ll be able to get to your request!
  • Don’t be dismissive of your work.  Nothing makes me want to refuse a request faster than insulting, downplaying, or otherwise disparaging your own work.  If you can’t be bothered to be proud of the time and effort you put into your book, why should I bother to read it?
  • No rape culture.  I won’t read and review books that I feel help promote rape culture.  This means that if your storyline involves coercion between the two leads– I’m not going to review it.  If your storyline involves kidnapping, blackmail, or otherwise some underhanded means that aren’t good old fashion seduction and person to person connection– no thank you.  I don’t care if the main characters end up in love.  If the male lead (or female for that matter) has to resort to coercion, kidnapping, or anything of the sort to get the girl (or guy) I’m not interested.
  • I hate to say this but, ugh, no virgins.  Or at the very least no virginity worship. I’m aware this very opinionated of me and not at all impartial (same as the least bullet point) but no.  I don’t mind if your book involves one or both (actually both would probably be awesome if it was all about discovery and what not) leads being virgins but if the virginity is set up on a pedestal I’m not interested.  There’s nothing special about being a virgin.  Everyone starts life as a virgin.  I find a lot about virginity worship and virgins being considered special vs those who are no longer virgins to be really unhealthy and creepy.  So, no thanks.  No virgins.
  • I’m aware this may be hypocritical but it has happened once or twice now.  Don’t not respond to me.  If I reply to your email saying: “Hey! Send me your book!”  And you don’t respond for a long time… chances are I’m not going to review the book, I’ll have moved onto the next one.   Or if you don’t respond at all I’m not likely going to go out and buy your book just to review it.  So you won’t be getting a review.

I think that is generally it.  I may update this post later, or do a second one, if I think of more!  I hope this helps or clarifies some things!


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