Book Review: Passion Never Dies by Joy Tremay


Genre: Contemporary Romance

Overall: 2 Stars

About: The short of it is that a young man and woman meet one night on the beach. The woman is just barely eighteen and just graduated high school. Her father stops interrupts them, and they never see each other again. At least that’s what they thing. Many many years later they meet again and their passion is just as powerful.

Review: I feel this book was written by someone who is older in life and trying to write toward a young audience, or someone very young trying very hard to be grown up. There were word choices in the story that I felt were somewhat inappropriate.   Things in the middle of sex scenes that were either jarring or just not attractive. I don’t want to tear the book down too much, however. The author clearly had passion in the book. I love the idea of the story. I love the setup of meeting someone and thoughts of them lingering until you randomly meet them again. The fate of that is amazing. A miracle. It’s a great romance. I really, really loved the storyline. I just really didn’t enjoy the writing. I think that it might be enjoyable for an older age group, with some of the phrasing that was used.

Why you should read/get it: You like contemporary romance novels. You want a sweet sort of kismet style romance.



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