Book Review: A Midsummer’s Night Fling by Beth Matthews


Genre: Contemporary Romance

Overall: 5 Stars

About: Two ex-lovers end up working together for a production of A Midsummer’s Night Dream. They have a wealth of history and angst. There’s a co-director that’s absolutely evil, and a whole host of drama going on. Can they overcome everything and be friends? Let alone be more?

Review: It took me a while to get into this book. A really long while. When I finally did I would read a lot longer than I should have. I would stay up at night reading it and just wanting to know what happened next. There were times where I thought the characters were a bit unrealistic but as the book slowly unfolds things become more and more real. I got drawn into everything. Of course, I started to really dislike Nicola. I felt like she was a bit selfish and a more than a little foolish. I really liked Max- the main lead.   But I have to admit when the book finally ended I liked Nicola a bit better. She flounders a lot, doesn’t seem to know what she wants, and she struggles. Much like a real person would. I hate how much she hurts Max at times, and I think the author could have shown a little better how Max hurt Nicola to even things out.   Since that is part of their history, how Max had hurt Nicola at times. Instead all we really have is Nicola’s inner monologue about her past pains.

Anywise, that issue aside I really like it. Once I was into the story it really started to flow and I wanted to know what would happen. I wanted to know if Judith would get hers in the end. If Max would ever be made director. I wanted to know if Nicola would leave to go on tour for a musical or if she’d stay. I highly recommend it for fans for contemporary romance and theatre.

Also the sex scenes were pretty hot and very well written. Oh, also this book is free for Kindle Unlimited users. Definitely work reading if you have KU.

Why you should read/get it: You like contemporary romance and the theatre.



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