Book Review: Frostbitten by Heather Beck


Genre: YA Paranormal Romance

Overall: 5-Stars

About: Anastasia is a troubled girl. She’s started going bad things. She ended up in jail overnight. So her mother has shipped off to live with her very conservative grandparents. She has to start at a new school which means dealing with Queen Bees and Mean Girls. Meanwhile she meets Frost, who people don’t like. And oh? There might be werewolves hunting people.

Review: Of the books I’ve read lately I liked this one the most. There were a few occasions where I though the high school drama was a bit over the top and unrealistic, but I otherwise really loved the story. Anastasia is a strong character and very consistent throughout the book. So much in YA novels the female lead gets subsumed by the male, or isn’t particularly strong– I liked the Anastasia was. I also liked the male lead. In general I just really like the book. I don’t want to say too much because I don’t like to spoiler if I don’t have to so I feel like I’m just repeating myself: “Hey, I liked this!”

I did. I am pretty sure that I read it one go, or perhaps two. I’m pretty sure my partner fussed at me to go to bed because I had class the next and was still up reading when I should be asleep. The story is really engrossing, and I greatly enjoyed it. I’d highly recommend it if you like YA books.

Why you should read/get it: You like werewolves. You like YA novels. You like paranormal romance. Really, you should just give a chance anywise even if you don’t. It is good!


It’s available for Kindle Unlimited subscribers, by the way!


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