Review: Born Into Fire by KyAnn Waters & Tarah Scott


Title: Born Into Fire

Author(s): KyAnn Waters & Tarah Scott

Stars: 4

Synopsis: Kenna is a glassblower just about to do a big show, hoping to make a name for herself as an artist.  Erion is an air elemental who sneaks into her bedroom one night while she’s sleeping having heard the call of her emerging fire element.  Then there is Aiden, a fire elemental that wants to consume Kenna’s element before it can emerge and use it to power himself.  Erion wants to protect Kenna from both Aiden and himself, but he can’t resist her.

Review: This is definitely romantic erotica.  There is a lot of sex.  A lot.  I’d probably only be exaggerating a little to say that almost every other scene is a sex scene.  For the most part, however, the sex seems pretty natural.  There are a few funny parts of the story.  And they did a good job of immediately making Aiden seem like a scumbag without being over the top about it.  I’d say that Aiden’s characterization is what stuck out the most to me.  There are few things in the book that were kind of puzzling and didn’t make much visual sense to me and I had a hard time figuring out.  There is a point in the story where the authors describe two people “stepping out from behind the furnace” that just didn’t make much sense and I couldn’t picture in my head.  There there is a scene where Kenna and Erion are having sex, and Erion looks up and sees that Aiden is watching them have sex and basically burning down Kenna’s workshop.  Instead of Aiden either a) killing them, and or b) Erion stopping to fight with him, they continue to have sex.  Which was a little bit puzzling to me.

The world itself seems relatively well thought out.  It’s the first novel so there are a lot of questions left to be asked.  But the writing was pretty good, and the characters were captivating enough.

I’d definitely give the next one a chance.

Link: Amazon

Why you should get it: It’s free with Kindle Unlimited!  You like sex.  You life fire.  You like stories about people with elemental powers.  You want to get in on the ground floor for a new paranormal erotica series.


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