Review: The Rules by Elizabeth Brown


Title: The Rules

Author: Elizabeth Brown

Stars: 4

Genre: Romantic erotica / contemporary romance.

Review: I have to be honest I was prepared not to like this book.  The male lead goes by “Lambo” and claims its like “Lamborghini”.  I found that pretty eyeroll worthy.  Add onto it that the female lead has what is called vaginismus (a painful contraction of the vagina that makes penetration painful or impossible)– turns out it is an actual thing!  However, I wanted to find out if the hot-dog that was Lambo could fix Ainsley’s problem (that’s why they get together, she wants him to fix her vagina so she can have sex).  By the time the problem either is or isn’t fixed it fell to the way side and the more interesting things about the characters drew me to the story.

Ainsley is also bipolar and struggles with herself.  Lambo is her older brother’s best friend and they’re carrying on in private.  How will Ainsley’s brother react when he finds out? How will Lam handle Ainsley’s depression?  How will Ainsley handle being in an actual relationship?

Over all the characters is what kept me coming back.  There were some technical writing problems that draw it down from a 5 to a 4 for me.  There wasn’t always consistency to things.  Sometimes thoughts would be in italics and sometimes they wouldn’t be.  The way text messages were handled wasn’t always the same, as well.

However, I think that Elizabeth Brown created wonderful and nuanced characters and her books are definitely worth reading!

Link: amazon (free on kindle unlimited!)

Why you should buy it? You like really interesting characters.  Hot sex.  Or contemporary erotica!


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