Review Policy


Hello!  I do book reviews, particularly for indie authors, but will do for traditionally published as well.  Below is my policy on book reviews and instructions on how to request a review:


  • I review only romance, romantic erotica, and erotica.
  • I will review any sub-genre of the above (paranormal, fantasy, sci-fi, contemporary, etc).
  • I will post at least one review a week (Sundays), but may post more if I have the free time.
  • I will post my review on this blog, Amazon, Goodreads, Twitter, and Facebook (if the author has one), upon request I may post it on other websites but do not guarantee I will.
  • I do not accept compensation for my reviews, these reviews are done absolutely for free.
  • I do not post “DNF” books, if I cannot finish your book I will contact you privately with why.
  • I also do not post 1-star ratings, if I feel I cannot give your book at least 2-stars I will contact you privately with why.
  • I prefer ebooks in mobi or epub format, but will accept pdf if necessary.
  • All of my reviews are honest and as fair as I can be.  I try not to post anything mean or negative, but do try to be upfront about what I liked and what I did not like in the book.

Request Information

Send an email to cmcgruewrites @ gmail . com (without spaces) with the following information:

  • Book Title:
  • Author Name:
  • Synopsis:
  • Length: (words or pages. e.g. 25k words or 72 pages)
  • Links: (facebook, twitter, amazon, goodreads, etc)
  • Misc.: (Any other information you want me to know about either you or your book.)


You can find more indie reviews at!


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