Book Review: Control (Predator & Prey 3)


Genre: Paranormal Romance / Action

Overall: 5-stars

About: Lynx is drawn further into the supernatural world in James Horton’s third book.  Newly turned into a vampire she begins to struggle with her new urges, and her powers.  Things are going on in the city that need to be stopped and who better?  Lynx, Wolf, and … Luna?  Luna is the woman from Wolf’s past, but she’s got a connection to Lynx as well.

Review: I really enjoy Horton’s writing.  I really enjoy his books.  I’d like to strangle him for putting a love triangle into the third book.  (>___< I dislike them so much.)  However, getting past my gut reaction of ‘arg!’ there, this book does not disappoint.  Lynx’s transformation into vampire isn’t easy– she’s got all these new urges, new angers.  Her creator is insane, and things are just simply difficult.  Not only that but she gets enlisted to help stop a massive attack on innocent people.

I really enjoyed the action, the interactions between all of the characters (despite my dislike of the introduction of Luna, grr), and the overall story.

Once more I’m really interested in seeing what happens next.  What will be the consequences for Lynx, Luna, and Wolf’s actions?

Why you should read/get it: You like paranormal romance.  You like drama and a bit of angst.  You like action.  Or you just really like vampires.

Link: Amazon


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